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LPG in all its forms

Antargaz, your gas supplier

Gas tanks


You don't have a natural gas connection, but you want all the comfort and ease of use of gas? A gastank might be the solution!

Gas cylinder

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From 5kg to 46,5kg: discover the entire range of gas cylinders Antargaz has to offer. With us, you'll find a gas cylinder for every need!



A fuel with good prospects

Why choose to heat your home with propane


The price of propane gas has remained relatively stable over the last year compared to natural gas. The cost of installing a gas tank is also low.


People who heat their home with propane emit less CO2 and nitrogen than people who use fuel oil. There is also no risk of soil contamination. Furthermore, we already offset a proportion of our carbon emissions and are looking forward to the arrival of biogas, the renewable alternative to fossil propane gas.


A gas tank is a sturdy rustproof structure and is completely safe. The tank which is installed in your garden will be checked by our driver during every delivery. It is also subject to periodic inspections, which is required by law.





Want to heat your home with propane?

Gas in cylinders for every purpose

Are you familiar with our lightweight cylinders? The Calypso, our green plastic gas cylinder, is the perfect gas bottle for your caravan or mobile home. Hugely convenient thanks to the handles, 'Clip-on' quick connector and transparent windows that let you know at all times how much gas is left in the cylinder.

We also have smaller gas cylinders with a capacity of 5 kg. Our Cocoon is the perfect gas bottle for the barbecue. The Take5 is our do-it-yourself gas bottle. And then you have our steel gas cylinders with capacities ranging from 10 kg to as much as 46.5 kg. The grey ones contain propane, the blue ones contain butane (both gases belong to the LPG group). Need a gas cylinder? Then Antargaz is the place to be.

Find out what you can do with a gas cylinder.

In need of a gas cylinder?
View our collection of gas cylinders

Want to buy your gas cylinder from a gas cylinder vending machine?

You can find more than 1,000 sales points throughout the Benelux. These are shops with opening times and days when they are closed. But you can visit our gas cylinder vending machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It works like any other vending machine. You choose the cylinder you want, you pay and then you can take the gas cylinder out of the machine. Simple! You can also easily exchange an empty gas cylinder for a full one. You leave the empty cylinder in the machine and take out a full one.

Find out more about what they do and where to find them.



Who are we?

Antargaz is a gas supplier in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. We are the Belgian market leader in the distribution of propane and butane in gas tanks and gas cylinders, for both commercial and domestic use. We also supply autogas to petrol stations.

We have been part of the UGI family since 2011. UGI International is an international organisation involved in energy distribution and services.

Find out more about our vision, mission and values.


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