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Gas in tanks

Can I combine a gas tank with energy from a solar boiler, wind turbine or heat pump?

Yes, that's possible!

Combine a bulk tank with green energy

Gas is the best supplementary fuel if you opt for a sustainable mix with environmentally friendly energy sources or installations. You can simply combine your bulk tank with a solar boiler, heat pump or condensation boiler.

  • A solar boiler converts solar thermal energy (from solar cells or panels) into electricity that you can use for heating and cooking. However, solar boilers do not guarantee a constant supply of energy, quite simply because the sun doesn't shine enough in Flanders. Gas can make up for these shortfalls.
  • A gas heat pump stores surplus thermal energy (from the ground, from your house). Heat is 'recycled': your water is heated with it, or your house can even be cooled with it. For such an installation to work, though, a minimal amount of an alternative energy is needed. Gas is the most economical choice.
  • A condensation boiler reuses the heat that is released. That way, energy is not wasted. What's more, you get the most out of your energy budget.