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Choose Antargaz, your energy supplier


Did you know that Antargaz now also supplies electricity?

Since the end of 2018, your trusted gas supplier has also been active as an electricity supplier. And while we maintain our same values!

Don't be fooled by temporary actions and promotions. A temporary promotion does not guarantee that you will pay the best price for your energy in the long term.
Antargaz offers you peace of mind. We do not work with temporary promotions, but guarantee a low price throughout the year.

How does Antargaz insure you this low price?

The electricity price is determined in the same way by all suppliers and consists of 3 elements

  1. Taxes and contributions are fixed by the government.
  2. The distribution price imposed by the distribution system operators.
  3. The energy price.

The only price that an energy supplier can distinguish on a price-wise basis is the energy price.

In addition, at Antargaz we also fully go for green energy.


81,72 € / month
Indicative advance/month (incl. VAT)
Tariff sheet
Electricity prices are variable. Consult the most recent tariff sheet.
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