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Empty gas cylinder?

Take it to your nearest Antargaz distributor for free

Help us recycle and bring your gas cylinder to an Antargaz sales point 

Found an empty gas bottle during spring cleaning but you have no idea where it came from?

Your Antargaz distributor will take refillable butane and propane gas cylinders for free, including brands from other suppliers*.

Propane and butane gas is sold in specific gas cylinders. You can "loan" gas bottles through a deposit system.
The gas bottle itself remains the property of the gas supplier, which is Antargaz in this case.


Refillable butane and propane gas bottles from another brand

  • No deposit is paid for gas bottles from a different brand, but we will ensure that the gas bottle is returned to the appropriate gas supplier. After inspection the gas bottles are refilled and reused.
  • When you return a used gas bottle you are not obliged to buy a new Antargaz gas bottle.


Refillable butane and propane gas bottles from Antargaz

  • If you bring in an Antargaz gas bottle and you provide the original Antargaz deposit document Antargaz will refund you the deposit amount as stated on the document.


Do NOT take your gas bottle to a recycling centre or scrapyard

  • as they do not have the equipment required to correctly process the gas bottles, which could lead to a serious incident.


Industrial gas cylinders 

If you want to return an industrial gas bottle please contact Essenscia at tel +31 (0)2 238 97 11 of through More information is available at

* Gas cylinders of other brands are not exchangeable for Antargaz cylinders. Non-refillable Campingaz cartridges are not accepted.