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Gas for agriculture

The propane gas from Antargaz has many uses in agriculture. Supplied in bulk in tanks, it is available even in the most remote areas.

Poultry farming

For poultry farming, the heat produced by the gas is humid, unlike other energies, which the chicks need to benefit from a peaceful environment. With propane gas, you can ensure an adequate room temperature that promotes faster growth and even more regular plumage. There is less risk of power failure or voltage drop, no fuel waste and there is no need to replace the infrared lamps.

Pig breeding

Propane gas radiant heaters have a high speed of action and are therefore particularly suitable for weaning places where piglets can benefit from the heat they need. They can also be used to provide background heating for pigsties for rearing or fattening as well as as an energy source for mobile pig breeding units.

Drying of crops

Gas is a cleaner fuel which burns completely, so there is less risk of grain combustion, ingress of water or combustion residues. It can safely power a direct burner and it can help you cut costs by extending the life of your equipment. Maintenance is also less, since there is no soot formation.

Weeding by fire

Burn treatment has become a common technique for weeding and pest control. Propane torches provide a high temperature with a sharper, adjustable flame that is ideal for this purpose.