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Our popular, super-easy gas cylinder

The Calypso


  • Construction / Industry
  • DIY
  • On the road
  • Holiday homes / recreation / catering industry
  • Heating

Product specifications

HxW 55 cm x 30 cm
20.6 l
8 kg gas


Surprisingly lightweight

A full bottle weighs only 13kg, for 8kg of propane! No more hauling heavy steel bottles. The Calypso also have ergonomic handles so anyone can easily lift it.

Always a distributor near you

Antargaz has more than 1000 distributors in the Benelux. So don't be afraid to make that trip, there will always be one near you to exchange your empty bottle!

With one look you can assess your gaslevel

Do you want to know how much gas you have left? Just have a look! Thanks to the translucent plastic, you can easily find out.


Thanks to the composite material, rust has no take on the Calypso! It also has a very strong shock resistance, so it can take some knocks. And thanks to the open bottom, even residual water on the bottle will always have an easy way out. Thanks to the innovative clip-on system you can only open the gas supply when your pressure regulator is correctly connected. Do you want to use your Calypso in a caravan or on a boat? Use our adapter with the same clip-on system! The integrated pressure regulator of your appliance will do the rest. De gasfles mag niet onder de barbecue geplaatst worden tijdens het gebruik van de gasbarbecue. Plaats de gasfles naast uw gastoestel voor een veilig gebruik. * Een adapter is geen drukregelaar maar een verloopstuk naar 21.7 buitendraad.

Easy connection

You can easily connect the pressure regulator thanks to a handy click system. Use our "Clip on" pressure regulator of 37 mbar, or the adapter tap that you can connect directly to your own pressure regulator.


This bottle remains the property of Antargaz and may only be refilled by Antargaz.

Safety instructions


Ask your distributor for more information

Pressure regulator Clip-on
Calypso CO2
Price overview
  • VAT incl. 40,50 EUR
  • VAT excl. 33,47 EUR
  • Deposit 45,00 EUR