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Frequently Asked Questions

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The gas tank has just been filled but does not show 100%: why?

The Antargaz gas tank is filled to a maximum of 85%,  otherwise it would not be able to convert liquid propane into propane gas. In addition, during warm periods gases expand and take up more space. Extra space is therefore needed.

Liquid propane is converted into propane gas.

Your gas tank is filled with liquid propane, which is much more compact, easier to transport and very safe. However, your appliances need propane in gas form. So part of your gas tank is not filled with liquid propane so the liquid can evaporate into propane gas. This is the part that is brought to your home through your pipes. Did you know that liquid propane evaporates at a temperature of approximately -42°C? That's why you can enjoy a warm home even during a cold winter with propane!

If your gas tank is filled 100%, there would be no room for the liquid propane to evaporate, so you could not cook, heat, etc.

Also good to know: are you ordering propane gas during the summer or another exceptionally warm period? We then fill your gas tank even a little less, to a maximum of 82%. This is because propane gas expands even more in extreme heat, which can lead to overpressure in your gas tank. No need to panic! This is taken care of by the pressure relief valve installed on each gas tank. It allows excess gas to escape in the event of overpressure.

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How much gas is there in the gas tank?

Curious about how full the gas tank is? There are three ways to read the content.

  1. An above-ground tank has a level gauge on the tank.
  2. An underground tank has a gauge in the viewing space.
  3. Want to read your gas content from a distance? This is also possible thanks to the remote gauge and telemetry.

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