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Meet Antargaz

Antargaz is the leading energy supplier in the Benelux.

In Belgium are we the market leader in the distribution of propane and butane in gas bottles and propane in gas tanks. We also operating as a supplier of natural gas, electricity and LPG.  We have the right energy solutions for both private individuals (hot water, cooking and heating) and professionals (industry, agriculture, hotel and catering trade, etc.). Energy for everyone and everywhere, that is what we promise.

 We particularly devote ourselves to:

  • our customers: we offer high quality products and services at competitive prices,
  • our employees: with respect for the individual, without discrimination and with care for their health,
  • our suppliers: taking the interests of each of them into account, with clarity and respect for honest contract conditions.

What we believe in

Antargaz stands for clarity. What sounds difficult, we make understandable. This is how we build on a sustainable relationship with our customers, suppliers, the authorities and third parties.

Antargaz stands for caring. Quality, health and safety are given absolute priority. We want to be the energy supplier who can talk with you easily about these points.

Antargaz stands for transparency. What we cannot make easier for customers, we do make as understandable and clear as possible.

Important values at Antargaz are: Passion, Authenticity, Transparency, Happiness and Integrity. We put these values at the forefront in all our relationships each and every day.


We have years of passion for growth and innovation in the energy market. Our company’s history goes back to the fifties, but was reborn in 2011 under the Antargaz flag.

2011: Antargaz is a company in the quoted group UGI, a world leader in the energy sector and operating in 18 countries in Europe.

2012: Launch of the new propane-filled lightweight gas bottle: Calypso

2013: Launch of natural gas in the B2B and B2C markets

2015: Launch of a new bottle range for fork-lift trucks

2016: Extension of a bottle range for recreation with the launch of the Cocoon and the Take5

2018: Launch of electricity in the B2B market

2019: Antargaz again starts operating in the market for LPG as engine fuel

2019: Antargaz expands its activities in Germany

2020: Launch of the 1st gas bottle dispensers in Belgium

2020: Extension of the product range with the launch of CO2-compensated gas

Some important points about Antargaz

  • We are the ultimate expert in propane gas in gas tanks, and this already for more than 70 years
  • Gas tanks can be installed above the ground, underground or in a network.
  • Technical know-how and expertise in the hotel and catering trade, agriculture and industry.
  • We distribute a large range of gas bottles filled with propane or butane gas. We have the right gas bottle for you in line with the particular application: in the home, for your leisure time or holidays, or for your professional purposes.
  • We have our own road tankers, customer service, planning department, technical centres and service teams in the Benelux. So the perfect customer-oriented service is guaranteed!
  • Emissions from all gas bottles smaller than 10 kg from Antargaz are also CO2-compensated based on certificates and investments in green projects.
  • For example, Antargaz has been supporting Entrepreneurs Without Borders (Ondernemers Zonder Grenzen, OZG) for several years. OZG is planting forests on the edge of the desert to combat desertification due to climate disturbance. They provide employment and prosperity, realize various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thus stop migrations. OZG is today an example for various other organizations that copy the vision and / or developed methodology of OZG by financing or building new forests to achieve the intended objectives.
  • We are also a distributor of natural gas and electricity for both private individuals and companies.
  • We also supply LPG to filling stations, and in doing also make our own contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Subsidiary of UGI

UGI is an international energy distribution and services company that provides superior service in delivering a range of energy products. We operate as a best-in-class service provider, offering a great place to work, serving our communities, and delivering value to investors. We aim to positively impact the lives of our customers, employees, communities, and investors.

UGI is a family of high-performing companies that, through its business units:

  • Supplies and markets natural gas, liquid fuels, electricity, and renewables;
  • Distributes propane and butane to retail, residential, commercial, industrial, and motor fuel customers throughout the United States and Europe;
  • Distributes, stores, transports, and markets energy products and related services; and
  • Provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical contracting services.

Our success is based on a rich legacy, a clear vision, and the hard work of each of you, our UGI employees, in all locations where we operate.

Find here the mission, vision and values of UGI.