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We will cease operations

Natural gas & electricity

We have had to stop all new sales activities

Due to the unstable political and economic situation in Europe, our natural gas and electricity department has taken the difficult decision to stop all new sales activities. Despite some softening of the energy prices in recent days, they remain extremely high, and volatile, compared to historical levels. We are monitoring the situation closely and trying to gain a better understanding of the ever-changing market conditions and their impact on our raw material costs and our cost of supply. Equally important, however, is the ability of our customers to sustain these high prices over longer periods of time. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for us, as your energy supplier, to honour existing supply commitments and ensure stability for our customers, even if we are currently unable to make an economically viable renewal offer. This decision is a necessary step to achieve that goal, so that a market review and analysis can take place. We are sorry for the disappointment that this has caused and we will ensure that we review our position as soon as possible.
(3 June 2022)

  • our client services can still be reached through email
  • a clear, correct price
  • an understandable contract written in plain language
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