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What does biogas mean for your business?

By 2050, Antargaz plans to distribute only biopropane gas. Why? Firstly, because it will reduce CO2 emissions. But biopropane has other advantages, including industrial ones.

Biopropane gas for businesses

Does your business use propane gas? That means you are using a flexible and sustainable solution as there is no need for a connection to the main network. It is also environmentally friendly because CO2 emissions are noticeably lower. This is particularly the case if you combine gas tanks with solar panels or boilers for heating systems.

Are you looking for ways to further reduce your company's carbon footprint? Then choose the soon-to-be-launched biopropane gas from Antargaz. In fact, with biopropane you make an immediate difference.

Our goal is to distribute 25% biopropane by 2030 and switch completely to biopropane by 2050. We make that promise for our planet and our customers.

What is biopropane gas?

There are in fact more similarities than differences between propane gas and biopropane gas. They both have the same chemical composition, but the production method is different. Biopropane is produced from a mix of waste streams from the food industry and renewable vegetable oils. The result? Up to 80% less CO2 emissions. In other words, feel free to call biopropane the greener version of propane.

Does your business already have propane gas tanks? Then you will soon be able easily to switch to biopropane gas. Nothing else changes, although it will give your company an image boost.

What are the advantages of (bio)propane gas?

Being a sustainable business means being an environmentally friendly business. When you, as a company, use (bio)propane gas you make a considerable leap forward in terms of sustainability. After all, you achieve a reduction in CO2 and fine particulate emissions. In addition, gas tanks mean that soil pollution is definitely a thing of the past.

(Bio)propane gas offers many possibilities for industrial applications and production processes: steaming, baking, drying, …

Soon, you can switch to biopropane gas effortlessly with Antargaz without any major investment as the installation costs are low.

Biopropane gas from Antargaz

Want to know more about what biopropane gas can do for your business? Keep an eye on our website and social media for more news.