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Hand in your gas cylinders!

Competition rules


Antargaz Belgium NV, De Kleetlaan 5A, 1831 Diegem, België

BE 0881.334.278  

which also acts on behalf of its affiliated companies:

Antargaz Luxembourg SA, Rue de l’Industrie 15, 8069 Bertrange, Luxembourg 

RCS B 66186

Antargaz BV, Roggeweg 7-9, 6534 AH Nijmegen, Nederland

KvK 20046725

All hereinafter called “Antargaz”.


Name of competition

HAND IN YOUR GAS CYLINDERS - Return an Antargaz gas cylinder to one of the participating Antargaz points of sales for a chance to win one of the fantastic prizes.

Hereinafter called the "Competition".


Competition period

from 12 April 2021 to 30 June 2021.



  • Every week a Barbecook BBQ set (3-part barbecue set with spatula, fork and tongs in stainless steel with black handle).
  • Every month a Barbecook Siesta 310 BBQ.

Retail value of a Barbecook BBQ: 479 EUR

Retail value of a Barbecook BBQ set: 29.95 EUR


1. Applicability and terms of participation

By participating in the Competition, the participant declares that they accept these competition rules and all decisions that Antargaz will make in connection with the Competition.

Antargaz thereby reserves the right to cancel, postpone or modify the Competition if Antargaz has valid reasons for doing so.

Participation in the Competition is entirely free of charge and is reserved for anyone who returns a Benelux Antargaz gas cylinder (or a gas cylinder of one of the brands taken over by Antargaz) in complete and good condition to one of the participating Benelux points of sales during the period of the Competition.

A participant needs to register with his/her unique code (to be found on the entry ticket; see § 2 Course of the competition) using the competition form on one of the Antargaz websites.

A full list of Antargaz gas cylinders eligible for the Competition is available on the Antargaz websites and at: /

A participant chooses the participating point of sales where he/she will hand in the gas cylinder. Every participating point of sales will advertise our promotion.

Each correctly delivered gas cylinder entitles the participant to one entry ticket. Each entry ticket entitles the holder to one registration.

Participation in the Competition is not possible:

  • If the consumer exchanges a gas cylinder for a full one;
  • In case the consumer returns a gas cylinder that does not comply with the participation conditions (for example: a cylinder from another company than Antargaz, or a cylinder from outside the Benelux area); 
  • If the consumer registers after 30 June 2021.

The Competition is without prejudice to the applicable Antargaz guarantee system.


2. Course of the competition

An entry ticket will be issued to the participant by the participating point of sales if the gas cylinder complies with the conditions of participation of the Competition. 

The participant must register with his/her unique code using the competition form on the Antargaz websites.

The participant must complete the competition questions and the verification question.

Antargaz will inform the winners of the Competition personally by telephone or by writing to them by email or letter.


3. Prize

The promotion offers various prizes.

  • Every week (from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59) within the Competition period the end-customer can win a Barbecook BBQ set in.
  • Every month (always from the 12th of the month to the 11th of the following month or from 12 June 2021 to 30 June 2021) within the Competition period the end-customer can win a Barbecook BBQ.

The prizes will always be awarded to the participants who have registered during the aforementioned periods using the competition form and who are closest to the correct answer to the selection question.

The prizes won cannot be exchanged or converted into money. Every winner will be informed personally and will be sent his/her prize immediately by post or courier.


4. Processing of personal data

If the participant shares personal data with Antargaz in connection with the Competition, the participant accepts and Antargaz guarantees that their personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable legal standards, and in particular in accordance with Antargaz’s privacy policy as described on our websites.

Personal data will never be shared with third parties except for processing the delivery of the prize that he/she has won. In that case the data will only be processed by the third party for the purpose of delivering the prize, and will not be retained for longer than necessary.


5. Supervision and complaints

Antargaz will supervise the correct conduct of the Competition. In the event of disputes, the customer must send a letter or e-mail to:

Antargaz Belgium NV

Packed Department

De Kleetlaan 5A

1831 Diegem


In the event of malpractice, misrepresentation, deception or bad faith Antargaz reserves the right to exclude the participant in question from the Competition and from future competitions organised by Antargaz, without prejudice to Antargaz’s right to claim compensation from the participant for the loss suffered by Antargaz.

Complaints will only be considered if proof of the returned gas cylinder is provided. Antargaz is not liable in the event of loss or theft of the entry tickets. Any dispute concerning the Competition will be settled by Antargaz. The final decision will be binding, and no participant will have any right to a review or appeal.