The best times begin with a great bottle!

H012-04-0001_07.02.2017_ 4_250x250.pngThe Cocoon by Antargaz, because great moments begin with a great bottle!
Your perfect gasbottle for a summer barbecue, your outdoorskitchen, a terrace heater or a multitude of other outdoors activities!

Our newest gasbottle may be small in size (35cm x 30 cm x 30 cm HxWxL) and low in weight (total weight of 10,7kg, of which 5kg propane), but it's filled with energy! 

Moreover, it's design fits right in with a beautiful gasbarbecue. Let's review some more advantages of the Cocoon:






Propane has a "clean" burn, which means it produces minimal amounts of soot and ash when combusted. Thanks to this, your equipment will last longer and work more efficiently.

So whether you want to cook, power heating elements or any other application, the Cocoon is your lean and clean solution!


H012-04-0001_07.02.2017_ 8_250x250.png

The Cocoon is a strong, durable and corrosion-resistant bottle through the use of an internal steel cylinder with a casing of composite thermoplastic material. Not only is there because of this no chance for rust deposition throughout the entire lifecycle of the Cocoon, it is also extremely light and compact!

And thanks to the two convenient handles at the top it is also easy to carry and also highly stackable and easy to store away.

An easy and safe connection:
Thanks to the Clip-on pressure regulator your Cocoon is connected to a multitude of applications in a matter of seconds: a gasbarbecue, an outdoorskitchen, a terrace heater,...

An innovative technonolgy that works without fail and guarantees a safe seal with your Antargaz bottle.


The deposit card of your Cocoon: 100% certainty and comfort!
When you buy your first Cocoon, you pay a deposit fee and in return you'll receive an Antargaz deposit card from your distributor. When you buy a refill, you only pay the price of the refill.

When you hand in your Cocoon in good shape, together with your deposit card, your distributor will reimburse you the deposit amount.

This way you don't have to worry about periodic inspections of your bottle or other obligations, Antargaz keeps the responsibilities of the bottle and makes sure you get a completely checked bottle at every refill.

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