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Gas in bottles

The ideal gas cylinder for every application

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Gas cylinders for any application

The size and weight of a gas bottle largely depends on what it is to be used for. Average gas consumption is an important factor. Whether the gas bottle will be used indoors or outdoors is also important. A butane gas bottle will not work in freezing temperatures. 

We especially recommend our smallest bottles with a capacity of less than 10 kg for leisure activities, but the Take5 with a capacity of 5 kg of propane gas is also useful for applications that require a mobile gas supply. Propane and butane gas bottles with a larger capacity can be used for many applications in the catering industry, construction, horticulture, etc. For forklift trucks one needs our yellow propane gas cylinders for liquid removal. 


Propane as a fuel for forklift trucks

The 10LC, 18LC (our yellow steel gas cylinders) and the C8LT (the black composite gas cylinder) are specially designed for appliances that only need liquid propane as fuel such as forklifts. Appliances designed for propane in the gas phase must absolutely not be connected to these gas cylinders. Thanks to the handy LT adaptor, the liquid gas bottle can be connected to the forklift truck's fuel hose in no time at all.

For larger quantities you can also opt for a filling installation with an Antargaz tank. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information.

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What should you look for when buying a gas bottle?

There is the right gas bottle for each particular use. Lightweight gas bottles are more convenient to carry. These are perfect for weeding or other applications where a mobile gas supply is handy! They are also ideal for occasional use. Larger, heavier gas bottles are perfect if you need gas on a daily or weekly basis. 

Always make sure that your new gas bottle has the Antargaz seal on the valve. You can then be sure of a high quality and safe product. Be sure to use the correct pressure regulator and a sufficiently long gas hose. Make sure that you can transport the gas bottle(s) in an upright position and secure them properly before departure. 

What does a gas bottle cost?

The prices per gas bottle can be found on our website. These are recommended retail prices proposed by Antargaz. They obviously depend on the content of the gas bottle - how much gas is in it? Is it propane or butane gas? 

You also pay a deposit for a new gas bottle. In other words the bottle (container) remains the property of Antargaz. When you return the gas bottle the deposit will be refunded. If you exchange your empty gas bottle for a full one of the same type, you only have to pay for the gas and your deposit will still be valid. Please note that refilling an empty gas bottle is not done under any circumstances. An empty gas bottle must always be retested.

Why do I pay a deposit?
Our deposit system

Why use a gas bottle from Antargaz?

We have the ideal gas cylinder for every application. Apart from our smallest gas bottles, you also have the typical steel gas bottles with a capacity of 10.5 to 46.5 kg of propane gas or 12.5 kg of butane gas. The applications are endless: from cooking on gas or weeding, to welding or drying crops. We have the ideal gas cylinders for handymen, the catering trade, construction, industry, agriculture, etc.

Our yellow gas bottles are specially designed for liquid propane. These are only suitable as fuel for forklift trucks. The Take5, with 5 kg of gas, is our do-it-yourself gas bottle. The Cocoon and Calypso are more for leisure use. The Cocoon, the new 'Cube' also with 5 kg gas, is ideal for a gas barbecue. The Calypso, with 8 kg gas, is our green camping gas bottle.

  • From 5kg to 46,5kg propane
  • More than 1000 sales points in the Benelux
  • All our cylinders come with a trusted deposit card
  • All the knowledge in house with perfect service

Propane and butane fall into the category of LPG

Connecting gas cylinders safely

We have several video tutorials that explain how to correctly connect a gas cylinder. Make sure you have the right gas pressure regulator for the gas bottle in question. There are different types of gas taps and each requires a different type of gas pressure regulator. After connecting the gas cylinder, you should check whether there are any leaks. If this is not the case, you can use the gas bottle without any worries. Make sure that you replace the gas hose in time. 

How to connect a gas bottle
How to safely use a gas cylinder
The Antargaz Golden rules

Where can I buy or refill my gas bottle?

More than 1,000 points of sale in the Benelux offer Antargaz gas cylinders. So there is a very good chance that there is a distributor near you.

Where can I do the following with a gas bottle:

  • exchange it
  • hand it in
  • fill* it.
  • buy one

Looking for a gas bottle dealer nearby? 

*Never refill a gas bottle at a dealer or private filling station! Antargaz inspects empty gas bottles at its depot. Bottles still in good condition are refilled and put back on the market. The guarantee system exists for this purpose. Customers should always return their used gas bottles to a sales point in their area. Antargaz will then collect the gas bottles. 


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