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Gas for industry

The propane gas from Antargaz is the ideal fuel for many industrial processes. The quality of our products and our expert approach allow us to provide you with energy solutions that meet your specific needs.

Antargaz's propane gas is a reliable source of energy with clean combustion that provides uniform, controllable heat and is ideal for multiple industrial uses


Gas powered hot air and radiation heaters provide a cost effective and controllable heating system for industrialists around the world. Since its combustion is cleaner than other fossil fuels, propane gas can also be used in delicate situations such as the manufacture and storage of chemicals and food.


Antargaz gas is the ideal fuel for cooking pottery and ceramics which can be damaged by soot and sulfur oxides produced by other fuels. In addition, propane provides effective thermal control.


Antargaz propane gas provides the high intensity, high temperature flame that is required to precisely melt and amalgamate alloys and metals


Glass melting is a highly energy-consuming process that requires precise temperature control and pure fuel. Antargaz propane gas provides small, easily controllable flames suitable for special processes such as melting optical glass.


Antargaz gas is popular for heating bitumen on site since it does not require pumping and is easily controllable. It can be burned under a hood concentrating the heat on the road surface and the precise temperatures required by the process can be easily monitored.