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Bring back your empty gas cylinders and win a BBQ

Hand in your gas cylinders!

12/04/2021 - 30/06/2021

We are grateful for every Antargaz gas cylinder (or old Shell gas cylinder) that is brought back to one of our participating sales point! That way you can support a sustainable process. Every Antargaz cylinder that comes back into our depot is checked and prepared to be filled. That cylinder is then sold and reused until it is empty and brought back in again. So the circle is complete. 

Until 30/06/2021 you can win great prizes if you bring in an empty gas cylinder at a participating sales point and fill in the webform below. Tell us which cylinder(s) you brought in and at which participating sales point you did so, tell us what you use your gas cylinder for and answer our tiebreaker question. And don't forget to enter your unique code which you’ll find on your entry ticket. That's all you have to do. Every week you can win a BBQ set and every month you have the chance to win a Barbecook BBQ.

Do you want to bring more than one gas cylinder to a participating sales point? Then you will receive an entry ticket for each cylinder in good and complete condition. You can register once per unique code via the web form below.


Which gas cylinder did you bring to your point of sales? * (find the name of your cylinder in the slideshow at the bottom of this webpage)

What do you use your gas cylinder(s) for?*

Take a look at the conditions.
Competition rules