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The ideal gas cylinder for every application

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Propane and butane fall into the category of LPG

Why a gas cylinder from Antargaz?

We have the ideal gas cylinder for you for every application. The Take5, with 5 kg of gas, is our do-it-yourself gas cylinder. The Cocoon, the new 'Cube' also with 5 kg gas, is ideal for a gas barbecue. The Calypso, with 8 kg gas, is our green camping gas cylinder. Apart from our smallest gas cylinders, you also have the typical steel gas cylinders with a capacity of 10.5 to 46.5 kg of propane gas or 12.5 kg of butane gas. The applications are endless: from barbecuing or weeding to welding, along with all sorts of uses in the hospitality industry such as patio heaters. These gas cylinders are also suitable for construction and industry. Our yellow gas cylinders are specially designed for liquid propane. These are only suitable as fuel for forklift trucks.

  • From 5kg to 46,5kg propane.
  • All our cylinders come with a trusted deposit card.
  • Available in the entire Benelux.
  • All the knowledge in house with perfect service.
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