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Good for the environment

  • 95% less fine dust
  • 90% less NOx emissions
  • 90% less ozone smog
  • 30% less CO emissions
  • 10% less CO2 emissions
  • no SO2 emissions

Autogas burns completely, making the exhaust gases purer and this makes the exhaust system less subject to wear - no release of lead particles, minimal sulfur emissions and CO. In addition, the service life of the engine is extended due to the lack of, among other things, etching acids and carbon deposits.

No engine oil dilution occurs, so the lubricating oil needs to be changed less. There is a lower peak pressure during combustion, making the engine run smoother and quieter.

Heat is extracted from the cooling water, which means that the self-thinking fan switches on less, which can result in a power gain. Auto gas evaporates immediately.

LPG is more environmentally friendly and cheaper than gasoline and diesel. Autogas is cheaper in Belgium than in neighboring countries.