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Gas in different containers and electricity too!

Antargaz, your energy partner

Natural gas and electricity


Looking for a advantageous way to supply all your energy demands? It's possible with Antargaz natural gas and electricity!

Gas tanks

Gas in Tanks

You don't have a natural gas connection, but you want all the comfort and ease of use of gas? A gastank might be the solution!

Gas cylinder


From 5kg to 46,5kg: discover the entire range of gas cylinders Antargaz has to offer. With us, you'll find a gas cylinder for every need!



A fuel with good prospects

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Your gas cylinder available 24/7 in the Antargaz vending machine!

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New at Antargaz!

CO2-compensated gas

Are you looking for a solution for heating your house, or for cooking, but there is no gas mains in your street? Find out everything about the above and below groud gas tanks of Antargaz here!

Antargaz gas in tanks

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