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What are the advantages of propane gas in a tank?

All the advantages if you opt for propane gas in a tank

Gas in a tank is convenient, inexpensive en sustainable.


  1. You have the same possibilities as with natural gas:

    • central heating
    • gas cooker
    • swimming pool heating
    • flame effect fires
    • patio heating/li>
    • air conditioning
    • a link to an installation for renewable energy or condensation boiler.
  2. Your boiler and pipes will only require minimal adaptations if you want to connect your home to the natural gas mains later on.
  3. Your garden will look just the same if you install your tank underground.
  4. It's easy to read the gas level from the tank.
  5. You have complete control of your supply. You can decide when to order, or opt for deliveries at fixed intervals.
  6. You don't need to maintain your tank yourself. It's part of the Antargaz service.


  1. A tank does not involve a high outlay, because you hire it.
  2. Combined with a solar boiler, a heat pump or a condensation boiler, you can make significant savings on your energy bills. More details here.


  1. Propane gas does not cause soil or water pollution.
  2. Propane gas is almost entirely burnt up in your boiler. That means no soot emissions and no problem with smoke or smells.
  3. It's easy to combine your bulk tank with a solar boiler, heat pump or condensation boiler.

An energy adviser will be happy to visit you to provide individual advice. Contact Antargaz for a no-obligation appointment.