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Gas in cylinders

Is the Calypso gas bottle safer than a steel gas bottle?

All bottles, both steel and plastic, tested and approved for the Belgian market, are safe under normal use. Each bottle also has its advantages and disadvantages, of course.

When designing the Calypso gas bottle, Antargaz paid a lot of attention to safety, but also to ease of use. Those aspects make the gas bottle safe and easy to use.

  • The valve of the gas bottle has a double non-return valve (safety valve) so that no gas escapes while changing the gas bottle.
  • If the pressure in the gas bottle increases, the safety valve will automatically open to decrease the pressure in the gas bottle.
  • A strong synthetic housing protects the gas reservoir against shocks. Also moisture and water cannot affect the reservoir: the bottom of the gas bottle lets water and air through. In short: no risk of rust or rust spots. 
  • The pressure regulator is easy to connect thanks to a handy click system. The pressure regulator also has a built-in safety mechanism. When the valve of the gas bottle is turned open, the pressure regulator cannot be removed from the gas bottle. When the valve is closed, the pressure regulator can be easily removed.