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Natural gas and electricity

Explanatory list

You can find a list of explanation of some terms we use in our documents, below:

  • Customer: each natural or legal person who purchases energy from Antargaz.
  • Domestic Customer: a natural person purchasing natural gas or electricity for non-professional purposes.
  • Non Domestic customer:  a natural person or legal person purchasing natural gas or electricity for business purposes.
  • Parties: The Client and / or Antargaz.
  • Delivery: supply of natural gas or electricity by Antargaz at the point of consumption.
  • Contract: the contract for the delivery of natural gas or electricity between Antargaz and client. This is composed of:
    - The current terms and conditions
    - The contract form
    - The rate card which is valid when the contract is signed
    - The attachment concerning the obligations of the public services which apply in Wallonia and Bruxelles–Capitale.
    - Every addition or written modification (Fe. forms,confirmation letter) for which there is an agreement between the parties.
  • Point of Consumption: the physical location of the electricity meter or connection to the low pressure distribution network for natural gas where there is a debit to an annual consumption of < 1,000,000 kWh. The point of consumption is identified by an address and has a unique barcode.
  • Measuring device : the set of devices for measurement and / or calculation of the energy consumption by the customer at the point of consumption.
  • Distribution network: all connections to the distribution of natural gas or electricity and all the accessories for which the distribution system operator is responsible.
  • Distribution system operator: the distribution system operator manages the pipeline network for natural gas or electricity.
  • Day of receipt: all invoices and other documents are expected to be received three days after the calendar date of sending.