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Gas cylinder vending machine

Purchasing a gas cylinder

Other transactions: 

Select the transaction 'Buy' on the start screen

The language selection can be changed by clicking on the desired language.

You can purchase a gas cylinder as long as the one you want is in stock. The vending machine will indicate which cylinders are out of stock. If your desired gas cylinder is no longer in stock, you can choose another gas cylinder or come back later. The stock is replenished regularly.

Are you buying your first gas cylinder from Antargaz? Just as when you buy a gas cylinder from a traditional sales outlet for the first time, you must pay a deposit for the gas cylinder in addition to the cost of the gas. Antargaz remains the owner of its gas cylinders. So you only buy the gas and borrow the gas cylinder, for which you pay a deposit to Antargaz.

In order to be able to recover your deposit later, you must keep the digital ticket that was sent to you by e-mail. This replaces the traditional deposit card that you get with the cylinder when you buy from a gas cylinder sales outlet. Find out all about our deposit system.


Proof/confirmation of your transaction

We cannot issue an invoice for the purchased gas cylinder. But you will receive a digital ticket after purchase that serves as proof of purchase as well as a deposit receipt, which is sent by e-mail. If you do not provide an e-mail address, the digital ticket cannot be sent to you automatically.

If you did not enter an e-mail address at the time of purchase and therefore did not receive a digital ticket Send the required information to so that we can find the digital ticket and send it to you.

  • customer details with e-mail address
  • which transaction was carried out
  • the type of gas cylinder
  • date and time of the transaction
  • location of the transaction
  • last 4 digits of the card used


Stock at the gas cylinder vending machine

You can find the possible range of gas cylinders in our vending machines with further information in our stock list.


The current prices can be found in the price list.

When purchasing a new gas cylinder: you pay for the gas and the deposit.