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Gas cylinder vending machine

Do I get a deposit card from a gas cylinder machine?

When you first buy a gas cylinder from Antargaz, you pay both a purchase price for the gas in the cylinder and a deposit for the cylinder itself. Antargaz continues to own its propane gas bottles. All Antargaz cylinders in the Benelux, as well as cylinders labelled as Shell, Shell Gas (LPG) or another brand acquired by Antargaz, are and remain the property of Antargaz Belgium or one of our sister companies in the Netherlands or Luxembourg. Make sure it has an Antargaz seal, and contact us if you are unsure. You can find more information about our deposit system elsewhere on our website.

In order to get your deposit back when you return the gas cylinder, you need a deposit receipt.

  • If you get your gas cylinder from a cylinder distributor, you will receive a deposit card.
  • If you get your gas cylinder from a gas cylinder vending machine, you will receive a digital ticket via e-mail which serves as your deposit receipt.

You therefore need to keep your card or digital ticket in a safe place.