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Gas cylinder vending machine

Returning a gas cylinder

Select the ‘Return' transaction on the start screen

The language selection can be changed by clicking on the desired language.

A gas cylinder can be returned as long as there is a free section in the vending machine. If too many gas cylinders have already been returned, all the sections may be full. In that case you cannot return a gas cylinder until these cylinders have been collected.

Whenever you carry out a transaction at one of our gas cylinder vending machines, you need to enter your e-mail address. This enables us to send you your digital ticket.

When you return an Antargaz gas cylinder, you qualify for a refund of your deposit. When you complete your transaction at the gas cylinder vending machine, you will be sent an e-mail containing further instructions.

You will receive a link that will direct you to a web form. This form is your application for a refund of the deposit, so you need to complete it in full with your personal details and information about you initial purchase of the gas cylinder in question. Please note that the web form can only be submitted once. So please check all your details carefully before clicking on the send button.

Upon receipt of your information, you will be contacted about the further process.

Once the transaction has been verified, we will transfer the deposit amount to the bank account number that you have provided within 30 days.

Only gas cylinders from the Antargaz brand can be returned to our gas cylinder vending machine.


Stock at the gas cylinder vending machine

You can find the possible range of gas cylinders in our vending machines with further information in our stock list.