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Gas for hotels & restaurants

Restaurants and hotels use Antargaz’s propane gas because it is safe, reliable and a superior source of energy.

If you run a hotel, you need a reliable source of energy for many different applications including central heating, cooking, hot water, swimming pools and air conditioning. Gas allows you to benefit from a reliable energy supply for all these applications, with a minimum risk of breakdowns, even in the most remote areas.

Propane gas can also help you reduce your impact on the environment, since it emits little CO₂, has a low sulfur content and does not produce particles likely to cause air pollution.

Heating and hot water

A constant supply of heating and hot water is essential for your customers to enjoy their stay in your hotel. The heat produced by propane gas is available immediately and can be used anywhere in the hotel for comfortable heating and hot water.


The perfect cooking of food is an essential ingredient for a good dining experience and by using gas, you make your customers benefit from meals prepared with flexible and cleaner energy.

Cooks choose propane for its:

  • Speed

It provides immediate heat upon ignition, without having to go through a warm-up period.

  • Ease of control

It produces immediate heat, allows you to instantly change the setting and diffuses the heat more widely over the bottom of the cooking instruments.

  • Cleanliness

It burns efficiently and without black smoke. It does not leave marks on the cooking instruments, making dish washing easier.

Air conditioning

New applications are constantly appearing for propane gas and today propane gas can be considered as an extremely efficient alternative to electricity for new air conditioning systems.


Gas is ideal for heating water in swimming pools and spas. Indoors and outdoors, propane allows you to guarantee the ideal temperature for your pool or spa water at all times, even during the coldest winter months.

Terrace heaters

"Umbrella" type patio heating is becoming more and more popular in all hotels. Not only does it significantly increase the number of customers who can be served outside, but it also improves the offer you can make to your customers by allowing you to include the cool season.

Standby generators

If your hotel needs generators to supply electricity in an emergency, consider propane gas.


The rising cost of waste disposal has led many hotel managers to incinerate part of their waste on site. Gas-fired incinerators can be used by hotels.

Mobile food counters and commercial food displays

There are many food service counters and displays of commercial type, designed to be mobile and supplied with propane gas independently. They allow restaurants to present hot dishes at special outdoor events such as weddings.

Flaming torches

Popular in hotel complexes, this device replaces conventional street lamps with a burning torch on a stand, where the gas supply is located at the base of the lamp post.

Mosquito exterminators

A propane-powered mosquito exterminator can greatly reduce an insect problem. This device is increasingly popular in tropical regions and is particularly suitable for the patios of hotels and limited outdoor areas (around pools or ponds) where the use of alternative energy sources is restricted.