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Plant a gas tank in your garden!

Gas in tanks

A sustainable solution without worries

Application and use of gas tanks

Looking for a natural gas connection? Propane gas in a tank is the ideal alternative and offers the same comfort as natural gas. The applications remain the same: heating, hot water and/or cooking with gas. Depending on your needs, you can choose an above-ground or underground gas tank in various sizes. Ask our energy consultants about the options. Our gas tanks are suitable for both private and professional customers in various sectors. 


Would you like to have a gas tank installed?

All our tanks are installed by our professional engineers who carry out a full evaluation of the site. Together with you, they determine the optimal location for your tank and find the right time to install it. The legal safety distances must be respected when determining the optimal location. Ask your energy advisor about it. An above-ground tank is placed on a concrete slab or on two concrete bases to ensure perfect horizontal positioning and stability. Find out what the different steps are when installing an above-ground tank in our YouTube video

For our underground tank, the Nautila, a hole must be made in the ground beforehand. The tank is placed in the hole and is buried so to speak. The only part of the tank that will still be visible after installation is the green lid of the viewing chamber. You can also discover all the details of installation of an underground tank in our YouTube video

One gas tank for several homes? That is possible too. With one tank, you can supply propane gas to several homes, each with its own counter. Discover how the installation of such a propane gas network works in our YouTube video

We install and fill up your gas tank

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What does a gas tank cost?

When we come to install a gas tank in your garden, you pay for installation, rental and maintenance of the tank. The size of the propane tank you have chosen, the place where it is to be installed and your consumption all determine the price. Ask for an offer without obligation. 

The price of propane gas depends on the international energy market and fluctuates constantly. Demand, supply and future expectations influence this. Sometimes the price of propane gas also depends on economic and political developments. The dollar/euro exchange rate plays an important role here. 

In Belgium, bulk propane gas prices are set by the government. You can always find the current prices on our website.

How much does propane gas cost
The current gas prices

What are the advantages of propane gas in a tank?

Gas in a tank has the same applications as natural gas. But with a gas tank, you manage your gas installation and supply yourself. You have no need to worry about the appearance of your garden: the tank can also be concealed underground without any problem.

The installation is cheap and easy: you don't need a chimney and the boiler doesn't take up much room. Moreover, you can easily combine your gas tank with renewable energy sources and/or a condensing boiler.

Propane gas generates little CO2, has a low sulphur content and causes no soil or water pollution. Each Antargaz tank is a solid, rust-proof construction that is protected against overpressure. Your tank is also regularly checked by specialists. There is also a safety perimeter around your gas tank.

  • You have the same possibilities as with natural gas
  • An above ground tank is inexpensive
  • The Nautila is invisible
  • Propane gas in a tank is safe
Do you want to go one step further for the environment?

CO2-compensated gas, also possible in tanks!

How does gas in a tank work?
Heating and cooking with propane gas

Safety and maintenance of gas tanks

Antargaz only delivers to locations that meet legal safety and environmental requirements. This means that for each delivery of gas, we check the safety of the tank and carry out a series of visual checks to ensure your peace of mind. In addition, the tank must be periodically subjected to a complete inspection (legally required every x number of years, depending on the type of tank). In addition, our technical emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an above-ground tank you should pay attention to the following to ensure that it remains safe:

  • Do not cover the propane tank in any way (this also applies to the area of land under an underground tank). 
  • If you want to hide the tank from view, plants or fences should be at least 1 metre away from the tank. 
  • Clean the tank regularly and remove any dirt or leaves under the tank (plant growth). Then the safety instructions remain visible and there is better light reflection. This reflection prevents heating up in summer. 

How can I have my gas tank refilled?

Does your gauge show that your tank is less than 30% full? Then it is time to place a new gas order. The easiest way to do that is online through our customer portal MijnAntargaz. You can also manage your invoices and contract details. Other ways to place your gas order are by phone, e-mail or on our website. If you choose the telemetry option, we can remotely monitor your level gauge and schedule a new gas delivery when the time is right. 


Order your propane gas quickly and easily via our customer portal!

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