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Gas in tanks

I have ordered a gas tank from Antargaz, what happens next?

Have you signed a contract for an Antargaz gas tank? Great, then you will soon be enjoying a safe and energy-efficient solution. What are the next steps? When will it be delivered? How do you order gas? Discover the whole process from placement to order.

Step 1: Installing the gas tank

As soon as we have processed your contract and the notification to the municipality is complete, the installation of the gas tank can be scheduled. We will let you know when this will take place. In order for the installation to run smoothly, we ask you to make some preparations:

  • Clear the site and access road completely. Remove any obstacles so that our technical team has free passage. Please also make sure that the ground is free from any cables and pipes.
  • If you have ordered an underground tank, we will make a preliminary visit to your location. You do not have to be present.
  • We will then call you to make an appointment for installing the gas tank. Your presence (or that of someone who is authorized to take decisions in your name) is mandatory on the day of installation.

Contact details for an aboveground tank: 02/246.00.95 or

Contact details for an underground tank: 02/246.00.20 or

Want to find out more about how a gas tank is installed? When doing this work, we follow all safety standards and always in consultation with your energy advisor.

Installation aboveground tank 

Installation underground tank


Step 2: Provide us with the necessary documents

You need the following three documents for your gas tank to comply with the law. We can only proceed with an inspection of the installation and a gas delivery once you have sent these back to us. 

  1. a notification certificate or an environmental permit 
  2. a pipeline certificate 


    Notification certificate                          Pipeline certificate


The actual documents may differ from the examples shown here.

  1. Notification certificate

Tank capacity of less than 3000 L: notification certificate

If the tank has a propane capacity of less than 3000 L, you must notify your municipality of the tank. This notification is mandatory in Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. Antargaz will make this notification on your behalf (In Flanders we do this together with you and you will need your ID card and an eID card reader. In Wallonia and Brussels no ID card is needed). The municipality will then send you the notification certificate. Due to location-specific reasons related to your terrain, it is possible that a planning permit is required or sometimes even an environmental permit.

Capacity of more than 3000 L: environmental permit

If your gas tank has a capacity of more than 3000 L (more than 5000 L for underground tanks in Wallonia), all regions require you to apply for an environmental permit. This is also done via your municipality.

  1. Pipeline certificate
    There are three types of pipeline certificates:
  1. for the internal pipelines
  2. for the external pipelines
  3. for both internal and external pipelines


  • Did Antargaz install your external gas pipe? If so, all you need to do is send us the certificate for the indoor pipes. The internal pipe installer should provide you with this.
  • Did you hire an installer for both pipes? Then they will give you the necessary pipe certificate for both pipes and this is the certificate you must submit to us.
  • Are you doing any of the work yourself? Then you are obliged to have the installation inspected by a recognized inspection body and you must submit to us the certificate they give you.

For installations in Wallonia, the pipeline certificate must always comply with the NBN D561-006 standard. You can find more information her .

E-mail the documents to

As soon as we have received these documents, an independent actor can commence with the inspection of the installation, after which they send us the commissioning report.

Questions? Contact us on - 02/246 00 66


Step 3: Order a gas delivery

As soon as the tank is in place and you have the correct documents, you are ready to schedule a gas delivery.

At Antargaz, we want to make things as easy as possible for you. That is why you manage your contract, invoices, and orders all in one digital customer portal: MyAntargaz.

The benefits:

  • You can read the contents of your gas tank from the online gauge.
  • You can place orders quickly and easily.
  • You can view the status of your order or cancel an order.
  • You have a handy overview of the history of your orders and invoices.
  • On the day of delivery, you can follow the status of your delivery online.
  • You can pay your invoices online.

How to register on MyAntargaz


Tip: Have gas delivered in the summer and avoid busy winter periods. That way, you can always enjoy a warm winter without having to worry!