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Our above ground gas tank


  • All the benefits of gas at a very affordable price
  • Propane gas offers exactly the same comfort as natural gas



The above ground gastank is always offered as a rental. This way you can enjoy the conforts of gas, at a low cost. Contact our energy advisors to find out which tank is best for you!

Adapted to your needs

There are several formats of gas tank. Talk to our energy consultant to find out what's best for you.


A gas tank is very safe: the tank is regularly checked and certified before it is put into service. Each tank is also equipped with a safety valve that prevents overpressure.

A flexible fuel with a future

LPG produces fewer harmful emissions than most other conventional fossil fuels, and it can also be used for multiple domestic applications at the same time. If in the future you have the opportunity to switch to natural gas, you hardly have to replace anything about your indoor installation. And last but not least, LPG can easily be combined with renewable energy sources.

Bovengrondse tank
The Nautila
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How does one install a gas tank

Evolution of propane prices
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Enjoy propane gas at an economical price