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The Nautila

Your home is not connected to the gas mains? But you still want to enjoy all the comfort of gas?


  • All the benefits of gas and still enjoying your garden!
  • Propane gas offers exactly the same comfort as natural gas
  • With the Nautila you opt for comfort and safety



The Nautila is placed underground, so only the lid with the visiting chamber remains visible. This way the beautiful view of your garden is not disturbed.

Tailored to your needs

There are several sizes of Nautila, discuss with our energy consultant which one best suits your needs.


A gastank is very safe: the tank is regularly checked and certified before it is put into service. In addition, we place special anodes during the installation that ensure that the tank can not rust.

A flexible fuel with a future

Propane produces fewer harmful emissions than most other conventional fossil fuels, and it can also be used for multiple domestic applications at the same time. If in the future you have the opportunity to switch to natural gas, you hardly have to replace anything about your indoor installation. And last but not least, propane can easily be combined with renewable energy sources.

Above ground tank
An underground tank is not for you?
Check out our above ground gastanks!

Do you want to know how gas tanks are installed?

What are you waiting for?

All comfort of gas and at the same time continue to enjoy a beautiful view in your garden