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Enjoy the comfort of gas every day

Thanks to the innovative propane gas network from Antargaz!


  • All the comfort of gas, even without a mains connection
  • Seperate meters for every user
  • Automatic supply


An innovative solution

Multiple homes that are not connected to the natural gas network can still enjoy all the benefits of gas at the same time, thanks to a propane gas network. Antargaz has suitable gas tanks, above and below ground, for small and large projects. Antargaz offers you a solution adapted to your energy needs for every project. In multiple homes, residents can heat and cook with gas in a comfortable and safe way. Moreover, the users do not notice any difference with a natural gas connection and can still enjoy a clean, reliable energy source.

Separate meters for every consumer

Each connection receives a separate consumption meter, connected to one central tank. Every consumer receives his own invoice from Antargaz based on his own consumption, measured by the meter readings. So you don't have to worry about keeping track of prices, measuring consumption and splitting costs. Antargaz takes care of everything!

Extensive experience of Antargaz

Antargaz has extensive experience, including in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, in the installation of propane gas networks. Our experts guide you at every step and advise you in finding the best solution based on your objectives. In addition, Antargaz takes on the installation work for the network and assists you in applying for the necessary permits. We also help you with regard to the administrative processing of the installation.

Automatic supply

You'll never have to order a gas delivery yourself again! Antargaz can read out the remaining supply of gas in your tank thanks to the 'telemetry system'. This way you will get an automatic delivery whenever the supply dips below a certain treshhold.


A propane gas network installed by Antargaz meets the strictest safety standards. That is what Antargaz assures you: safety and this thanks to our extensive experience in the installation of propane gas networks.


Thanks to the low emissions of CO2 and NOx during combustion, gas is a valuable, greener alternative. Since no residue is left behind, it extends the life of the connected devices and requires less maintenance. That is why the maintenance of a gas boiler is limited to a strict minimum with one service every two years.

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