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A unique way of buying gas cylinders, only at Antargaz!

The gas cylinder vending machine

Discover everything about buying, exchanging and returning of gas cylinders in the gas cylinder vending machines!

The new Antargaz gas cylinder vending machine

From 2020, Antargaz is offering a new way of buying, exchanging and returning gas cylinders Belgium: the gas cylinder vending machine. This unique solution is available 24/7, and stocked with our most popular gas cylinders for leisure use. 

  • Unique in the Benelux
  • 24/7 availability
  • All our popular gas cylinders
  • Buy, exchange and return, with deposit refund

Our available gas cylinder vending machine: 

    8430 MOERKERKE

    8450 BREDENE

    8000 BRUGGE

During 2020, we will further expand the network of Antargaz gas cylinders vending machines so all our customers can buy, exchange and return their gas cylinders 24/7.

Always a gas cylinder available when you need it

How do you buy an Antargaz gas cylinder from a vending machine?

Exchange a gas cylinder anywhere

How do you exchange an empty Antargaz gas cylinder at a gas cylinder vending machine?

Returning your empty gas cylinder couldn’t be easier

How do you return an Antargaz gas cylinder at a gas cylinder vending machine?

The trusted Antargaz deposit system

Do you get a deposit card from a gas cylinder vending machine?



Search for local distributors below. You will find a gas bottle vending machine wherever you see the term "Vending machine" in the name. You can also recognize them by the "24h" logo in their profile, or immediately filter between all distributors or only vending machines in the upper right corner!