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How and when to contact the Ombudsdienst voor Energie?

Before filing a complaint with the Ombudsdienst voor Energie, you will first have had to take the necessary steps with Antargaz. The Ombudsdienst (Mediation service) can only intervene if you were unable to arrive at a satisfactory solution during your initial contact with the company.
Complaints in connection with Antargaz must be filed in writing and must include your name and address, a description of the dispute and the documents (that you deem necessary) in support of your complaint.

You can file your complaint:
- by completing the complaints form
- by addressing your letter to the Ombudsdienst voor Energie, 47 Koningsstraat, 1000 Brussels
- by sending an email to
- by sending a fax to 02 211 10 69
- by making a telephone call to 02 211 10 60.