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Gas in cylinders

How and where do I safely store my gas bottle?

For private users:
Storage of any gas bottle must comply with the following safety regulations:

  • If possible, store the gas bottle outside. If the gas bottle is not connected, always store it outside.
  • Check whether all the valves of the gas bottles (empty as well as full ones) are closed well and provide all gas bottles with tightly sealed protection caps.
  • Keep the gas bottles cool. Do not store the bottles near a source of heat or near inflammable materials.
  • Make sure there is sufficient ventilation.
  • Never store the gas bottles in the basement, near a cellar window, a drain hole or an opening that leads to a lower area and look out for drains and holes.
  • Any defective gas bottle must be stored outside. 
  • Gas bottles can be stored inside as long as they are connected.
  • Preferably return gas bottles that you are no longer using as soon as possible to an Antargaz distributor.
  • Read these tips for safe use of your gas bottle.