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Gas in cylinders

How do I use a gas cylinder in my caravan or mobile home?

Going camping, venturing out with your mobile home or caravan, ... the ultimate feeling of freedom. And naturally, you want to enjoy the comfort of gas for heating or cooking on your stove. Connecting a gas cylinder in your vehicle can give rise to a lot of questions.

We are happy to help you on your way with this series of frequently asked questions!

  • Can I use a Calypso gas cylinder in my mobile home or caravan?

Yes, a Calypso gas cylinder is definitely suitable for your caravan or mobile home. The lightweight gas cylinder is filled with propane gas and can be used for the same applications as a conventional gas cylinder.
The design and manufacture of the Calypso uses the latest technologies, which makes this gas cylinder much lighter than its steel counterparts.

This makes the Calypso ideal for campers.

  • Can I use the Calypso 'clip-on' pressure regulator in my caravan or mobile home?

No, the Calypso 'clip-on' pressure regulator is intended as a direct connection to a single gas appliance, such as a barbecue, patio heater or heating. This means that the 'clip-on' pressure regulator cannot be used to supply gas to a caravan or mobile home.

  • How can I connect my Calypso gas cylinder in my caravan or mobile home?

To use a gas cylinder in a caravan or mobile home requires a special pressure regulator that complies with legislation, Annex D of standard EN 12864.


1. In most cases, this type of pressure regulator is already present in the caravan/mobile home. The pressure regulator is provided with a nut to connect it to a standard gas cylinder.

Here is an example of this type of pressure regulator. There are several models.

2. To use the Calypso in combination with this special pressure regulator, you must use an adapter that converts the output of the Calypso valve into a standard outlet, to which the nut of the pressure regulator can be tightened.

3. The adapter is used in the same way as the 'clip-on' pressure regulator. The adapter is pressed onto the cylinder. There will be a distinctly audible 'click'. You only need to screw the pressure regulator onto it and the Calypso gas cylinder is ready for use.

Caution! This adapter is not a pressure regulator! In addition to the adapter, you also need to use a pressure regulator.

  • My mobile home has a release valve which has a hose attached to the output. Can I connect it to the adapter?

No, never connect it to the adapter! This is a German type pressure regulator and under no circumstances may it be used with the adapter or with the valve of a conventional steel cylinder. The external thread, the small copper pipe attached to the German type of pressure regulator, differs from the Belgian type. The thread on the German type is too long, and consequently the connection is not gas-tight. Unfortunately, it is possible to connect the nut of this type of release valve to the adapter, it fits perfectly, but in this particular case the connection is not gas-tight.

  • How can I distinguish a German type release valve from a Belgian type?

There are release valves with a smaller pipe that are absolutely perfect to use. To distinguish between the two types of release valves, you need to carefully study the head of the release valve: the compatible head is provided with a tube of approximately 5 mm and a flat seal (black, rubber band), the tube of the non-compatible head has a length of approximately 9 mm and no seal. You can see this clearly in the illustrations below: