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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gas in tanks

How does maintenance of the gas tank proceed?

Gas tank maintenance, how often is this required?

Antargaz maintains the gas tank on bringing into us, when filling and during periodic inspections by an accredited company. Safety comes first!

Checks when bringing the gas tank into use

Would you like a gas tank installed? You then need a number of documents from the local or another authority. You may only use the gas tank if you have the right papers from a notified body. An employee from this organisation will visit you to thoroughly inspect the installation. He thoroughly checks the gas tank for any leaks, examines the cathodic protection (only with an underground tank) and makes sure that the tank is fully in good condition.

Controls during the filling of the gas tank

Filling up the gas tank? Our driver carries out a visual inspection with each delivery. He soon identifies any visible shortcomings. Antargaz indeed only delivers at locations that comply with the legal safety and the environmental standards.

Topping up a gas tank?

Periodic inspections and maintenance of the gas tank

The gas tank is subjected to thorough periodic maintenance including checks on all parts at legally set intervals. Antargaz will for example replace the safety valve in good time. Repainting or other major operations? Skilled professionals arrive to bring the gas tank into tip-top condition again.

Request maintenance

Rent a gas tank from Antargaz? We then always carry out the maintenance for you. Our technical call-out service is on standby 24/24h, 7 days a week. We even take care of your inspection documents. How convenient is that?

Keep an eye on things yourself or roll up the sleeves? Excellent idea. Clean the tank regularly and keep it clear and accessible. It then stays safe and our people have easy access for controls and maintenance.

Would you prefer to be the owner of a gas tank from Antargaz? No problem. We can then conclude a maintenance contract. Otherwise you will yourself be responsible for the legal controls and maintenance of the gas tank.