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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gas in tanks

How much does a gas tank cost?

The installation: installation, rental and maintenance

Unfortunately, Antargaz cannot give you an exact price here. The size of the propane tank that you choose, the place where it should be installed and your consumption also determine the initial and monthly price. The energy adviser of Antargaz will be happy to make a free quote for you.

The gas price

The price of propane gas fluctuates continuously because it depends on the international energy market. This market is influenced by supply and demand and the expectation / speculation about how it will develop in the future, sometimes also dependent on economic and political developments. The dollar / euro exchange rate also plays an important role in this.

In Belgium, gas prices for propane in bulk are set by the government; you can always find the current rate on our website.

The payment method

Antargaz offers flexible payment options.

  1. You pay the full amount of the invoice yourself via bank transfer after receiving your invoice.
  2. You pay the full amount of the invoice via direct debit. You do not have to do anything yourself, but the payment is fully settled after delivery.
  3. You pay via monthly advances. A very practical solution: based on your estimated consumption, you will receive a direct debit invoice for 11 months and on the 12th month we will issue a closing invoice. A slightly higher or lower invoice is then drawn up based on your actual consumption. The advance invoice can then be adjusted for the following year.

Whichever payment option you choose, you will continue to receive a clear invoice for verification. You can also always check your invoices in our online customer portal MyAntargaz.