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LPG for cars, a fuel with good prospects!

LPG is currently the most viable alternative fuel in Europe, thanks in part to an extensive European network of more than 27,000 points of sale. The existing infrastructure ensures that autogas delivers immediate environmental benefits without major investments and is currently the most appropriate transition fuel.

In Belgium, the use of LPG as a motor fuel is encouraged not least by the very low price of the product, since the government does not charge excise duties on LPG, but the LPG driver also receives a hefty discount when registering the vehicle (vehicle tax) that can go up to € 5100. Moreover, employers pay significantly less social security contributions on the all-natural advantage of company cars with LPG as fuel


Antargas holds a unique position in the LPG market in Belgium; With our many years of acquired expertise, our own installation and repair service and an in-house fleet of tankers, Eurogas offers its customers an A to Z service.

We have two products on offer: LPG storage and pumps for gas stations and LPG storage and pumps for companies