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Meet Antargaz

Antargaz is a gas distributor (propane, butane) in the Benelux. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, we offer powerful solutions that meet your energy needs for hot water, cooking and heating.

We supply gas in many forms

  • In gas tanks 
    Above-ground, underground or networked gas tanks, propane can be used for hot water, for boiling or for heating.
  • In gas bottles 
    From 5 to 46.5 kg, butane and propane for the kitchen, the barbecue, leisure time, do-it-yourself or local heating. The Antargaz bottles are available in more than 1000 distribution points in the Benelux.
  • We are also a distributor of natural gas via the natural gas network. 

We also distribute electricity!

Since 2019, Antargaz has also been distributing electricity in Belgium. Handy, a supplier for all your energy needs!

Antargaz is the partner of professionals

We play an important role in industry, agriculture, hotels and catering, and forklifts.

Antargaz is a branch of the UGI group.