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Natural gas from Antargaz

Do not be fooled by temporary promotions and promotions. A temporary promotion does not guarantee that you pay the best price for your energy in the long term.

Antargaz offers you peace of mind. We do not work with temporary promotions but guarantee you a correct price throughout the year.

How does Antargaz guarantee you this price?

The gas price is determined for all suppliers in the same way and consists of 3 elements.

  • 1. Taxes and contributions that are set by the government.
  • 2. The distribution price imposed by the distribution system operators.
  • 3. The energy price.

The only thing that an energy supplier can distinguish on is the energy price.

Antargaz buys its gas on the Dutch gas market. This gas price is not connected to the oil price, and is therefore more stable. View the current values.

Antargaz sells gas to you with a modest margin (0.357 c € / kWh). In this way, Antargaz can guarantee that its gas price is always one of the lowest.

Practical information

Natural gas

80,05 € / month
Indicative advance/month (incl. VAT)
Price history
The prices of natural gas are variable. We keep these prices for you in a handy overview!
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What are you waiting for?

Antargaz promises a low, competitive price throughout the year!

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