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Consult here the tariff sheets of Antargaz

How do you pay for your invoice at Antargaz?

Installment payments and an annual statement: the easy way to pay

At Antargaz you are sent installment bills. This instalment is calculated on the basis of your gas use in the past and your family’s estimated consumption during the year.

These monthly or quarterly instalments make it easy for you. You know in advance how much you will have to pay each time.

After 12 months, you receive an annual statement showing the cost of your actual gas consumption. If the instalments you have paid during the year are too much, you will get money back. If you have used more gas than is covered by the instalments, you will make a one-off extra payment for the past year.

Are you entitled to the social tariff for gas and/or electricity? Consult this leaflet for all the details:  FR NL