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All the comfort of gas, even without a mains connection in your street!

Propane gas tanks by Antargaz

Allow our driver enough time to get to your tank in this winter period.

Order your propane gas in time and enjoy the cozy warmth at your home!

What are the advantages of propane gas in a tank?

There is no gas mains in your street? No problem! With propane gas in a tank you get all the same benefits. We can place an above or below ground gas tank in your garden that we will fill with propane gas. That way you can use a highly efficient condensation gas-boiler for sanitary hot water, your heating or even for cooking!

  • You have the same possibilities as with natural gas
  • The Nautila will provide you with a clean view of your garden
  • An above ground tank is very inexpensive
  • Gas tanks are extremely safe to use.

The Nautila

Did you know a propane gastank can also be invisible? It's easy, with an underground propane gastank of Antargaz: the Nautila!
The only thing that remains above ground is the green lid of the technical space. This way our technicians can very easily maintain or fill the tank, while you retain the nice view of your garden.

  • No distracting elements in your garden
  • Safe
  • With the Invisia connection you will see even less of your gas connection!
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Your below ground gastank

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The above ground gas tank

Gas in a tank? How does it work?
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The propane gas network of Antargaz

Together one gas tank, Antargaz takes care of it

Do you want to go one step further for the environment?

CO2-compensated gas, also possible in tanks!

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