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Frequently Asked Questions

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Gas in cylinders

How do I get my deposit back if I return a gas cylinder at the gas cylinder vending machine?

When you return an Antargaz gas bottle, you are eligible for a refund of the deposit. It is the same when you return a bottle to the vending machine. Please note that you will only get your deposit back if you have an original deposit card or document.

You cannot leave the card or document directly at the vending machine. When your transaction at the gas cylinder machine is complete, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

You will be given a link to a web form. The form is your deposit request and you have to fill it in with your personal details and information about your first purchase of the gas bottle in question. Please note that the web form can only be sent once. So be sure to check all your details carefully before clicking the submit button.

After receiving your details, you will be contacted for further processing. Do not send your deposit card or document until this last step has been completed. 

Once the transaction has been verified, we will transfer the deposit to the bank account you provided within 30 days.