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Gas in tanks

What are the advantages of a gas tank?

Is there no natural gas in your street? You can enjoy all the advantages of gas with a gas tank in your garden!

Great comfort for you at home

We install the gas tank in your garden. Above the ground or in the ground? You decide that yourself. There is also the option of renting a gas tank, with Antargaz taking responsibility for maintenance and the inspections.

A gas tank is indeed an ideal solution while waiting for a natural gas connection. The boiler and piping must barely be changed later.

Highly versatile and inexpensive energy

Cooking, heating water, central heating, gas fires, floor or swimming pool heating, … you can even connect air-conditioning and refrigerators to the gas tank. 

Investment and maintenance costs are low with a propane installation, while the rates for propane are less subject to price fluctuations.

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Reduce your ecological footprint

You can easily call propane gas clean energy thanks to the very low emissions of CO2, soot and particulate. Neither can propane gas cause ground or water pollution.

It becomes even more sustainable if you combine a gas tank with other renewable energy sources such as solar panels or a heat pump.

The fuel then also contributes to reducing the greenhouse effect. In this way Antargaz supports the climate agreement in Belgium, while we endeavour to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Safety first

Antargaz gas tanks are made safe by a safety valve and protected against rust. Obviously we always take account of the safety instructions and legally imposed distances.

Your gas tank is regularly inspected and maintained, even before installation. The gas pipes are also protected and lay deep under the ground, just like with natural gas.

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