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Gas in a tank? How does it work?

Manage your own energy supply with a bulk tank

A tank is the ideal solution if you don’t have a connection to the natural gas mains, but wish to enjoy all the advantages of gas anyway.


Gas… in a tank?

At high pressure, gas becomes liquid. This means that propane gas can be transported and stored in a tank in compact form. The metal tank is thoroughly treated against rust.


Which tank is right for our level of use?

On average, a family of four uses 1,600 litres per year in a well insulated home. You can hire Antargaz tanks in various formats, depending on your gas consumption:

  • an underground 2,400, 2,950 or 4,500 litre tank
  • an above-ground 1,600 or 2,700 litre tank


Will my tank be automatically refilled?

Your tank will be refilled by Antargaz

  • after you have placed an order via MyAntargaz or by phone. You will need to keep an eye on your gas supply yourself.
  • automatically, if you opt for the 'telemetry system', which means that Antargaz knows when your tank needs topping up.


Is a bulk tank an option for my home?

You don't need to gain permission for a bulk tank. You simply have to inform the municipal authorities of its installation and use. To make things easy, Antargaz does this for you.

However, you do need enough space outside. Check here whether you can ensure the minimum safety distances.